About Us

DeHavilland Motor Company was founded in 2011 by Terry Groves and is based in Suffolk, England.


DeHavilland sports cars are the ultimate statement of individuality with every car as unique as its owner.

Each car is hand built with passion for those connoisseurs who do not just buy a car, but have one built to their exacting specifications.


We produce bespoke hand built British sports cars to order for our clients globally.


After acquiring the moulds to the former Deon & Scoperto replica Dino kit cars of the late 80s early 90s, we set about developing and refining every aspect of the car to more accurately replicate and capture the evocative style of the original iconic Dino. Incorporating a brand-new chassis with modern and reliable mechanics, our newly designed DVT GT is visually the most accurate 206 GT Dino replica to have ever been produced.


During 2018 we set to work developing the Prototipo, the world’s first production replica of the famous Ferrari 206s Spyder.

This is now in advanced stages of production and we are excited to be able to show you images online, and the car itself at our open day

in 2021 very soon.

DeHavilland is built on the belief that our customer’s needs are of the utmost importance; we strive to meet the high expectations of our clients and welcome the opportunity to build a car for you.

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